Vermont Flower Show

The Vermont Flower Show was a very successful event!  We had a lot of excellent feedback about our wines.  For our pear wine, comments included:  It's like summer in a bottle!  Wow this is wonderful!  What a smooth finish.  It really smells like pear!  This is so light and refreshing!  For our black currant wine, comments included:  Wow this is excellent!  I can taste the maple syrup.  This would make an excellent sangria.  This is dry but with a slight sweetness at the end.  Very fruity.  The aroma is amazing!  

Overall we were very pleased with everyone's responses to both wines!  We enjoyed brisk sales over the weekend - a lot of people are enjoying our wines at home right now!  Here are a few pictures of our show booth and our wines in the Grand Garden Display.  Enjoy!

Connie Brigham