Blueberry Wine off to an excellent start!

The Maquam Blueberry wine (with VT Maple Syrup) has begun!  We've spent the last week thawing 120 30 lb boxes of blueberries, crushing these blueberries - Oh the yummy smells!!! - pressing the juice out of the blueberries - an extremely wet and dirty job!  And finally with the help of our wine maker - Dominic Rivera and his assistant Alexandra Beaulieu - we added sweet Vermont Maple Syrup, some sugar and malic acid.  Already this blueberry juice tastes awesome!!!  Then we added in the nutrients and yeast and now the blueberry juice is fermenting its way to wine.  Please enjoy these pictures of our efforts!

The pictures start with the blueberries going through the crusher (Matt is pouring them in) and then you'll see the crushed blueberries in tank, waiting for enzymes and then to be pressed.  Also we had to heat water to warm up the juice to a certain temperature, so the enzymes could do their magic.  And finally Matt is pouring in the yeast to get the fermentation started!  

Dominic was very pleased with our initial juice - all our tests were excellent - making it a very auspicious start to some excellent blueberry wine!  Stay tuned ...

Connie Brigham