More wins in the Drink Outside the Grape Wine Competition!

Maquam is proud to announce that our Pear wine & Blueberry and Pure VT Maple Syrup wine both won silver awards in the Drink Outside the Grape Competition!

The purpose of the Drink Outside the Grape Competition is to allow “sibling beverages” to grape wine, i.e. fruit wine, mead, cider/perry and fruit brandy (eaux-de-vie), to be evaluated in their own classes, by broad-minded industry professionals who are not biased by grape wine models.  Also, this competition excludes standard (non-blended) grape wines, to avoid comparisons to these other categories, and provides a level playing field for each category to compete within itself (in specialized classes), so that each category, and class, gets a fair evaluation.  The explosion of the regional craft beverage industry across the U.S. and the world shows the popularity of these categories; mead and cider are currently the fastest-growing categories of (low) alcoholic beverages. Drink Outside the Grape provides the means for them to be evaluated in a fair way.

For more information and/or to see a list of this year's winners, visit:

Connie Brigham